A woman doing yoga in a red t - shirt by Sharp Tact Kreativ that says self care advocate

Self-Care is Defined by You

Self-care is generally defined as engaging in activities that support your overall mental and physical health and well-being. Self-care can be as simple as maintaining a morning routine that includes setting aside time for yourself and a cup of your favorite tea or taking a weekend off to enjoy some time away at a retreat. The key is to remember that self-care is what you need it to be and is meant to enhance your well-being. Self-care is defined by you. 

Self-care is putting you back on your list.  It's taking out a few moments each day or each week to focus on pouring back into you. We hear all the time that we can't pour from an empty cup and that is so true. It's like coming in from a long day, pulling open the door to the refrigerator, and taking out the pitcher only to realize that cup of tea you were looking forward to is no longer there. How do you make sure you don't end up trying to pour from an empty cup? By making sure you do what it takes to keep your cup full and then pour into everyone else's. 

Is it easier said than done? Most definitely. If you aren't already doing it will it take some time to get back to it? Yes, but it can be done. And honestly, if you want to be able to continue giving to others and pouring into others -- it has to be done. 

So take a moment to close your eyes and picture what self-care means to you. What is your ideal day of self-care? What brings you joy? What fills you up?

And schedule time to do more of that...


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