A woman wearing a hat and t - shirt that says good vibes by Sharp Tact Kreativ

Welcome to the Sharp Tact Kreativ Community!

Welcome to the Sharp Tact Kreativ Community!

Sharp Tact Kreativ started as a result of some conversations with family and friends.  We officially launched in March 2021.  Our family can be quite honest at times, and we would joke that needs to be put on a shirt or a mug, and Sharp Tact Kreativ was born. 

We provide apparel, mugs, and other lifestyle items for the person that enjoys an intentional, encouraging, and thoughtful message with a bit of wit. It's not just any apparel...it's that tee that shares a statement that makes you and the reader smile. It can lead to that laughter that usually results from an inside joke or something fun that happened that brought you to tears. 

Our apparel is meant to be lived in. Our cute and comfy tees are soft, breathable cotton and our sweatshirts and hoodies are warm in those cooler months. You can style the tees for a quick errand to the store, casual Friday, or brunch with friends. How you wear your tee is up to you.

Our mugs are meant to bring a smile to your face first thing in the morning and to push you through those tasks throughout the day.  They help you make it through that one last meeting that could have been an email.  They also provide a reminder to take a sip before being a bit too honest or possibly spilling too much tea. 

Most of all, our apparel, mugs and lifestyle items are about supporting and encouraging our community. They are about providing space to grow. They are about your being able to show up as your full self. 

Welcome and thank you for being here!

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